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New REW<< Single, Twin EP Cassette Release in December

We’re excited to present ‘Sonoran’, the first single from Kuruvungna, one of two forthcoming EPs from US artist REW<<. The track can be streamed via SoundCloud and it’s accompanying video can be veiwed via YouTube. The Nagiere and...

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Album and New Video Release

Atmosfere, the stunning second album by art-rock duo Moonchy & Tobias has now officially entered the world. The album is out now through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal and is available via Bandcamp and all the usual suspects including Spotify. To coincide with...

New Single And Japanese Tour for The World of Dust

In celebration of their upcoming tour in Japan, we’re excited to present the new single and music video from The World of Dust. The music video, produced by Stefan Breuer, is a whimsical montage of collages and landscape videos made in Norway & Sweden in the...

“By any other Name” RTRFM Feature Album and Interview

The sublime new Hidden Shoal remix compilation, By any other name, is this week’s RTRFM local feature album! Tracks will be featured on a range of shows across the week so be sure to tune in.  Be sure to also check out the wonderful interview at the station with...

New Moonchy & Tobias Single from “Atmosfere”

We’re excited to present the second single from Atmosfere, the forthcoming second album by art-rock duo Moonchy & Tobias. On ‘Dall’Occhio’ (Italian for ‘from the eye’), Moonchy & Tobias’s Atmosfere reaches its dreamy...

New Moonchy & Tobias Single & Music Video – Atmosfere

We’re excited to present the first single and title track from Atmosfere,  the forthcoming second album by art-rock duo Moonchy & Tobias. The album will see release on the 18th of October 2019 through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal. Check out beautiful...

Latest Reviews

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Reviewed at Felthat Reviews

“Amidst lots of the records I get to review, there are quite a few which breathe some fresh air in form of a power song. Pat Moonchy and Todd Tobias come with an album that can be put into many files: a psychedelic folk, singer/songwriter power pop, atmospheric...

REW<< ‘Salix Amygdaloides’ Reviewed at Rural Sounds

“Splitting his time between Kenya and Armenia is composer and producer REW<<, also known as Ryan E. Weber. Having worked along side acts such as The Promise Ring, Decibully and being one half of the dream pop duo, Eric & Magill, Weber has such an...

Kramies ‘Of All The Places Been’ Reviewed at Fuzzy Logic

“There’s a bunch of videos out there. Some of them are good. Some of them are a cut above. I like to think my picks for Video of The Day are a cut (or two) above. The last day of the year is a heavy kind of day. It’s a time when many folks think of the...

Chloe March ‘Snow Bird’ Reviewed at Trust The Doc

“Staying on the subject of semi-classical and beautifully ethereal Pop music, TTD favourite and, as I always feel obliged to point out, no relation Chloë March rounds off what has been quite some year with  winter tune entitled Snow Bird. So I was delighted to...

Alpha Hall “Omens” Reviewed at Forte

“Ballarat’s own Alpha Hall have made landing with the release of their debut album, Omens – a hypnotic album with psychedelic and mesmerising tracks. It’s not easy to put a label on Alpha Hall’s music genre, but it would probably be something along the lines of...

Kramies “Of all the Places Been & Everything the End” Reviewed at A Decouvrir Absolument

I was listening to his record, when I fell asleep, awake, I was kidnapped years of me, pen in hand, one day in Paris, I was 36, I think, still fresh Fine Arts, I was taken hostage by an illumination, beauty. There are not always clear reasons for these errors produced by his ethereal music, I will logically find myself in a plain of the green Erin to name Celtic deities, both ocean and rock, whose shiny and pale beauty Irish people who were happy, although dark, would have made me fall in love with them, but in these melodies there is art without law, sensuousness without norms and rules, the free lightness of the mind, its malleability to flow from aKramies “” Reviewed at color has a sound, a flavor has a name, there is this magic of unreal, of dreamlike that only lands when it touches the bank of the heart, there is confinement in us, in our experiences, which progressively divide the surpluses and reach the matter of pleasure, like a fountain of youth in our emotions, a return to the moment when, without knowing it, we were dazzled. Strangely, I went somewhere else, almost the opposite, without knowing at the beginning why, but I also remember having sometimes had the image of the “Castle of the Pyrenees” of Magritte while listening to Simon And Garfunkel, this world is too much large to provide only one image per hymn.

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