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Music For
by Erik Nilsson

Moonchy & Tobias III
by Moonchy & Tobias

Starlings & Crows
by Chloe March

The Slanted City
by The Slanted City

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Liminal Drifter Tops The US College Radio Chill Chart for 2020

It was always on the cards, but now it’s official. Liminal Drifter‘s stunning album of last year, Connected, was the number one US college radio Chill album of 2020! Oh YES! “a beautifully choreographed snapshot of the artist’s knack for the surreal, fluid...

New Erik Nilsson EP – “Music For”

We’re excited to announce the release of more new work from the wonderful Erik Nilsson. On the heels of The Slanted City’s self-titled debut album, Erik Nilsson is cleaning his hard drive. In the coming months he will be releasing a series of neglected musical...

Bento – ‘Moon’ (Glanko Remix)

Hidden Shoal is proud to announce the release of Glanko’s remix of ‘Moon’ by Italian duo Bento. Glanko strips out the breakneck jazzy rhythms of the original and replaces them with a sleek sci-fi underbelly, lending ‘Moon’ an elegant yet sinister propulsion. The track...

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“Moonchy & Tobias III” Reviewed at Keys and Chords

” ‘When I sing in Latin it feels like discovering the details of ancient lives lost in time.’ A statement by the Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy and representative of the overwhelming atmosphere on the third album. Together with the American...

“Moonchy & Tobias III” Reviewed at MPodia

“III is the title of the new album by the American multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias and the Italian singer Pat Moonchy. It is already the third album in just under three years of this collaboration. Cinematic soundscapes They both have their own solo careers in...

Chloe March “Starlings & Crows” Reviewed at Textura

However tempting it might be to cite artists such as Elizabeth Fraser and Tracey Thorn as reference points when speaking of March, Starlings & Crows—not for the first time—shows she’s staked out her own artistic place. No one sounds quite like her, either vocally or musically.

“Moonchy & Tobias III” Reviewed at Subjectivisten

Musically you have references such as Mi And L’Au, The Caretaker, Cranes, Dead Can Dance and Portishead , although they never quite cover what this pair brings here. In conclusion, you can safely say that you are certainly not dealing with an average combo. What a great, versatile and mesmerizing album!

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