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REW<< Twin EP Cassette Release

We’re very excited to announce the official release of Nagiere and Kuruvungna, two stunning new EPs from US artist REW<<. Both EPs are available as limited edition cassette and digital release through Katuktu Collective and Hidden Shoal. REW<< (Ryan Weber)...

New REW<< Single + Music Video

We’re excited to present ‘Jonquil’, the first single from “Nageire”, one of two forthcoming EPs from REW<<. The track is available to stream via SoundCloud and it’s accompanying music video can be streamed via YouTube. The Nagiere...

New Moonchy & Tobias Music Video

We’re excited to present the music video for ‘Lo Sguardo’ from Moonchy & Tobias. The track is lifted from Atmosfere, the stunning second album by the cross-continental art-rock duo. The video, produced by Budano Lino, is available now via...

New REW<< Single, Twin EP Cassette Release in December

We’re excited to present ‘Sonoran’, the first single from Kuruvungna, one of two forthcoming EPs from US artist REW<<. The track can be streamed via SoundCloud and it’s accompanying video can be veiwed via YouTube. The Nagiere and...

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Album and New Video Release

Atmosfere, the stunning second album by art-rock duo Moonchy & Tobias has now officially entered the world. The album is out now through Tiny Room Records and Hidden Shoal and is available via Bandcamp and all the usual suspects including Spotify. To coincide with...

New Single And Japanese Tour for The World of Dust

In celebration of their upcoming tour in Japan, we’re excited to present the new single and music video from The World of Dust. The music video, produced by Stefan Breuer, is a whimsical montage of collages and landscape videos made in Norway & Sweden in the...

Latest Reviews

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Reviewed at De Subjectivisten

[Translated from the original Dutch via Google] “One year ago the album Moonchy & Tobias brings together two special musicians, namely the Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy and the American multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias. Moonchy has already released music...

REW<< ‘Sonoran’ Reviewed at Tome to the Weather Machine

“I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for artists releasing music on the Perth, Australia based label Hidden Shoal. They seem to find artists creating music on the periphery of ambient and neo-classical that melts with a certain kind of sweetness and...

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Reviewed at Indebanvan

Dall’Occhio is Italian blues that I’m crazy enough to think all the time Led Zeppelin. That does not fall on deaf ears. Because in “Senso Del Tempo Moonchy and Tobias do their reputation as art rock duo honor. The song that most lingers is’ Pioggia e Sale “. A chilling melody, sung with emotion. On “Grumo” is even some hit potential of admiring. And so there is still plenty to explore on this wonderful album.

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Reviewed at Music Won’t Save You

On the sidelines of the well-established one with Chloë March, Todd Tobias recently embarked on another collaboration with a female voice. In the case of Pat Moonchy, the historic name of the Milanese avant-garde who in turn presents an extremely varied and stimulating curriculum, the meeting had already resulted in a shared homonymous work published last year, which is now immediately followed in “Atmosfere “.

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Reviewed at Here Comes The Flood

“Ohio based experimentalist Todd Tobias and Italian avant-garde singer Pat Moonchy have teamed up for a collaborative Moonchy & Tobias album. Their self-titled debut was a nice surprise, a meeting of musical minds that left the listener wanting more....

Moonchy & Tobias “Atmosfere” Reviewed at Louder Than War

“It’s one of life’s luxuries to inform others about a record that alters your outlook on life; even if the altered state is fleeting. This latest release by Tiny Room (it actually is a tiny room, somewhere in the Dutch province of Utrecht) is one such. Reader,...

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